Supply of logs


Our main activity is the supply of forest products to our customers, mainly in the field of cellulose. The geographical area of action, which we operate, is the North of the Iberian Peninsula.

Fundamentally the types of wood we supply are:

  • Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus common).
  • Eucalyptus nitens (Bright Eucalyptus).
  • Pinus pinaster (Maritime pine).
  • Pinus radiata (Monterey pine).
Splinters of pine

Splinters of pine:

In Maderas Luis Méndez, we are able to supply pine splinter for energy purposes to major companies, national and international, that demand this product.

Forest packaging

Forest packaging :

The forest packaging is the format most used by Maderas Luis Méndez for collecting the biomass obtained from the remains of the cutting.

Process for forestry equipment itself is used, thus saving operating costs.